Overview of Zend Framework 2

The second talk that I attended of the conference was on an overview of Zend Framework 2 (ZF2). Although I thought it was going to go over the Event Driven Actions in ZF2, they changed it due to popular demand.

The ZendCon website gave this description:

One of the most anticipated topics of this year's ZendCon is what is new in ZF2. Learn about the core features now available, the development approaches they enable, and get a preview of the new MVC layer of Zend Framework 2 in action

Since it was an overview there wasn't a ton of information presented that I hadn't read already. What was reinforced for me was the use of namespaces. ZF2 relies heavily on namespaces which is a good thing.

Another key item that was brought up was dependency injection which is a key addition to ZF2. It allows the OO code to reduce the amount of coupling and reliance on other code to function. See this very good slideshare on the advantages on dependency injection if you're not quite sure what it is.

In general, this was an overview of the ZF2 functionality. It was really nothing more than a brief summary of the topics on the "How to start" page.

Overall it was a good overall presentation if you wanted an overview. If you were looking for a more in depth presentation, like I was, it wouldn't fit your needs.