Laravel queue environment

Ran in to an issue running queue through supervisor. I'll give a quick rundown of my setup, the issue and solution. I have supervisor running the queue daemon. \[program:laravel\_queue\] command=php /var/www/ queue:listen autostart=true autorestart=true stderr\_logfile=/var/log/laraqueue.err …

GIT push from one repo to another

Splitting off from a branch to another git repo seems like it would suck. In reality it's simple. Two lines and you're set. Things you'll need: Source repo pulled down locally Target repo created on your git server (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, etc) Url for target git repo Branches \$ cd /path …

Add user to existing group

This is dead simple. I often need to add a new user to the sudoer group, "sudo" by default. sudo usermod -a -G groupName userName So for adding a user to the sudoers group. sudo usermod -a -G sudo {username}

Linux add user

The simple way to add a user is to use the linux interactive mode. sudo adduser {username} Then let it guide you through the setup.

Under PHP's Hood

Recently watched/listened to Sebastian Bergmann presentation on PHP interpreter. Very useful way to brush up on how php processes a request. Audio From techportal Slides: PHP Compiler Internals by kaplumb_aga

Laravel 4 Documentation

Yesterday I was in search of Laravel 4 documentation. I couldn't figure our where to find Laravel 4 documentation. I found the committed files on GitHub but I couldn't find the actual site that hosted it. Turns out it was in a now obvious place.