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Add a command file to Laravel artisan

In order to run a custom command from the command line utility called artisan you need to do two things: Create a new CustomCommand file Register that command with artisan Here's a sample Command file called FooCommand.php which should be placed in *app/commands/ * [php]

How to close a linux screen session

After working within a screen session on a CentOS server I had forgotten how to close the screen session that I was done with. It's a rather simple command. exit Perfect, exit means exit. Of note if you just want to disconnect use. ctrl+a (press) d That'll disconnect you …

Setup an alias in Linux

Setting up an alias in linux is very easy and very helpful. It allows you to determine a short phrase for running a longer command. Or change a common typo to the command you meant. Here's an example alias: \$ alias lsl="ls -la" This maps lsl to the command ls …