Find out what files are owned by apache

In an audit of my system I needed to find all the files owned by apache. [ps] find ./ -name apache [/ps] Simple! Here's the group and user example: [ps] find ./ -group apache -name apache [/ps]

Add a command file to Laravel artisan

In order to run a custom command from the command line utility called artisan you need to do two things: Create a new CustomCommand file Register that command with artisan Here's a sample Command file called FooCommand.php which should be placed in app/commands/ [php]

How to set local environment as default in command line (CLI) for Larvel 4 artisan

Typically when Laravel 4 artisan is run from the command line (cli) it uses the production configuration files. This can be changed by using a flag when running the command. [ps]php artisan migrate --env=local[/ps] However, adding --env-=local each time while running a script can slow down …

How to add a library folder to Laravel 4

I typically use a library folder in my projects to group of files that you want to use in different projects but don't want to use Satis to manage the contained files. This folder could also be a helper folder for functions that are static and are mainly generic helpers …

How to close a linux screen session

After working within a screen session on a CentOS server I had forgotten how to close the screen session that I was done with. It's a rather simple command. exit Perfect, exit means exit. Of note if you just want to disconnect use. ctrl+a (press) d That'll disconnect you …

VMWare Fusion 5 Set Static IP Address

I previously posted on setting a static ip address in vmware fusion 4. This also still works for VMWare Fusion 5. Steps are the same. First on your linux vm in terminal run the following command ifconfig Then copy the HWaddr it varies from vm to vm so you need …

Setup an alias in Linux

Setting up an alias in linux is very easy and very helpful. It allows you to determine a short phrase for running a longer command. Or change a common typo to the command you meant. Here's an example alias: \$ alias lsl="ls -la" This maps lsl to the command ls …

Create a new ssh key

I have to do this whenever setting up a new system. Makes the server more secure to disable password based login and only allow ssh keys. To create an ssh key it's as easy as running one of the two following commands. ssh-keygen -t dsa or ssh-keygen -t rsa The …

Laravel 4 Documentation

Yesterday I was in search of Laravel 4 documentation. I couldn't figure our where to find Laravel 4 documentation. I found the committed files on GitHub but I couldn't find the actual site that hosted it. Turns out it was in a now obvious place.

Change url without a page refresh

I wanted the url to change but there to be no redirect/refresh of the page. I was able to do this by a little js. history.pushState('data', '', 'http://' + + '/month/' + month );